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5 Signs of a Great Bookkeeper

Written By on February 27, 2019

Hiring the right bookkeeper is an essential part to the success of your business. Your Bookkeeper is the person that handles all transactions in your business, the ins, and the outs. Here are a few signs of a great bookkeeper:

1. Great bookkeepers understand your industry and business process
Your bookkeeper will take the time to really understand your business, and how you operate so they can make sure that the processes are as simple, and efficient as possible, nothing is missed or duplicated. They will be able to see areas that can be streamlined in your small business.

2. Great bookkeepers ask questions
Many business owners find questions annoying. However, in order to ensure transactions are correctly allocated, it is better than your bookkeeper ask questions rather than guess.

3. Great bookkeepers know what they don’t know
Not only do they know what is legally within their scope, but they are also not afraid to say “I don’t know” rather than worry about looking silly and will contact your accountant for advice.

4. Great bookkeepers do their homework
A sign of a really great bookkeeper is one who is up to date on what is happening in the bookkeeping, accounting, and technology spaces. The bookkeeping and accounting industries have evolved considerably over the past few years due to changing technologies.

Your bookkeeper should be explaining to you and encouraging you to use technology. By automating processes with cloud accounting packages such as QuickBooks Online to save time and money.

A recent survey shows that small business owners save an average of 10 hours a month just by using bank feeds, a service that links your bank account to your accounting software.

5. Great bookkeepers are people you can trust
Finally, the relationship between a client and a bookkeeper is sacred. Most people won’t share their financial details with friends or even family, yet this person is privy to everything – especially if you are using one account for business and personal but that’s another article altogether.

Make sure you like your bookkeeper, that you trust them, and feel comfortable being completely honest with them. Your bookkeeper cannot help you get the most out of your accounts if you are not being completely transparent with them.

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