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26 Ways To Use Our Services

Written By on December 1, 2013


  • New company set up including Chart of Accounts.
  • Payroll services (Including remittances, T4’s, ROE’s)
  • Input transactions into the General Journal.
  • Set up customer and vendor lists and maintain as required.
  • Follow up with clients by telephone for collection of payment on past due invoices.
  • Prepare invoices and send to clients via email or land mail.
  • Remind clients of invoice due dates.
  • Prepare and email/mail out past due letters.
  • Online bill payments.
  • Generate reports as required.

Document Preparation/Word Processing

  • Type up letters and other correspondence for printing on client letterhead.
  • Format and edit meeting minutes, reports, business proposals, manuscripts, theses, dissertations, instruction manuals, training materials, term papers, essays, and contracts.
  • Format and type up instruction manuals, training manuals, and teaching materials including images, diagrams, and charts.
  • Format and design business forms and templates in MS Word according to client’s specific requirements.
  • Type up labels for a mail out or for your filing system.
  • Format and type up policies and procedures or standard operating procedures and edit as required.
  • Design and format PowerPoint presentation including inserting images, diagrams, and charts.
  • Document scanning
  • PDF conversion MS office documents to PDF format.

Databases and Spreadsheets

  • Set up and enter information pertaining to customers, vendors, employees, and inventory into a database or spreadsheet.
  • Enter information from client and customer business cards into database or spreadsheet.
  • Create mail merge correspondence for bulk mailings including labels.
  • Verify contact information in the database or spreadsheet by calling clients or customers to ensure all information is current.
  • Design a customer database or spreadsheet for monitoring and tracking order history, invoices, payment status, and products or services most frequently ordered.
  • Design a vendor database or spreadsheet for monitoring and tracking orders, bills and invoices, payments, and products.
  • Compile survey information and calculate results.

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